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Welcome to Virtual Partner, LLC – where seamless collaboration
makes the unimaginable happen!

I am thrilled that you are on this journey with me. Thank you for taking time to visit this website. It’s designed to be a point of reference to help you decide if Virtual Assistance is right for you; for highlighting and gaining partners, and for gaining/sharing insights into having a successful business and a whole life. Virtual Partner is not the “end-all” and “be-all” site. My goal is to grow, share, learn and create synergy. It is my hope that you will find what you need or a link to a credible source. I just want to partner with you in your journey to success — as defined by YOU!

Meet your Virtual Partner and Visionary Officer


People. Collaborative partnerships. Integrity. Balance. Connections within the community. These values drive my partnering philosophy and help to achieve excellence. They promote the administrative profession in the new economy, and elevate the perception related to the relationship of the executive and their assistant. A high level of trust and partnering is an integral part of everything that I do.

Vision / Mission:

We want to expert problem solvers and collaborative partners for you. Our goal is to provide seamless remote service with excellence. We will continuously promote your company, your vision, and both your personal and professional goals. We will do what's best for you!

What drives my business?

- Executing with excellence;
- Serving as a strategic partner with emerging businesses as they think through, plan and execute getting to the next level;
- Providing value-added insight into leveraging to VAs and other critical business support providers to help busy professionals reach the full potential of their business life;
- Positioning myself and VP as an advocate for the aspiring and entrepreneurial administrative professional;
- Championing the Virtual Assistance profession as outlined by AssistU (industry leader).

My Code Of Ethics – Adopted June 2008

Pledge Of Ethics
As a professional Virtual Assistant, I acknowledge and respect my ethical responsibilities to clients, colleagues, and myself. I agree to conduct myself responsibly with the highest degree of integrity and accountability. I will do no purposeful harm to myself, to those I partner with, or to the Virtual Assistance profession.

Standards Of Excellence

  1. I am sensitive to cultural values and beliefs and celebrate diversity... accepting that the opinions and values of others are as valid as my own.

  2. I exemplify and exercise integrity, honesty, and due diligence while carrying out obligations to my self, my community, and my clients.

  3. I recognize my limitations and only provide services and/or use technologies based on my current level of competence. I will only offer professional information or advice that I am competent to assess. I will never knowingly give confidential or misleading information, and will act quickly to correct erroneous communications for which I am responsible.

  4. My client's best interests are most important to me. Before entering any client relationships I must be reasonably certain that I have the necessary competencies and resources for giving the kind of support that is needed or that may develop later, and that appropriate additional referral resources are available to me if I should need them to serve my client.

  5. At the beginning of any client relationship, I communicate clearly the terms of our working agreement and clarify the expectations of both parties.

  6. I do not use confidential information gained as a result of professional activities for personal benefit, and do not represent conflicting or competing interests, real or perceived, without written consent of those involved, given after a full disclosure of the facts.

  7. I inform clients of conditions that may limit my effectiveness.

  8. I only guarantee results that are within my power to deliver.

  9. I am accountable for the work I do, admit mistakes and correct them promptly.

  10. I keep sufficient records of my work, and client relationships in general. The physical records are my property. The information in the records is the property of the client. I protect the confidentiality and proprietary information of all clients and will not release information contained in their records without the consent of the client, or by court order. Confidentiality will be maintained with regard to the storage (physical and electronic) and disposal of records. All records must be made available to the client at the client's request.

  11. I accept full responsibility for work that I perform.

  12. I do not misuse the authority entrusted to me by clients.

  13. I do not take advantage of the lack of knowledge or inexperience on the part of others.

  14. I serve as an effective representative of my clients when called upon to do so and protect the interests of my clients at all times.
  15. I keep my personal and professional knowledge up-to-date and continue my education to insure that proper expertise is available when needed. I never misrepresent myself, my abilities, my experience, or my certification to anyone.

  16. I freely share my knowledge, skills and professional practices with other professional Virtual Assistants in order to forward community, and to build professional comprehension and mastery.

  17. I work to strengthen public understanding and acceptance of the Virtual Assistance industry.

  18. I shall not intentionally damage the professional reputation or practice of another Virtual Assistant, anyone in my professional community, or those with whom I do business.

  19. I am an active member of the AssistU community, and understand that in order for me to receive important information and updates about my membership, I must, at the very least, subscribe to the From HQ, and Alumni Association Announcements forums in our community portal (because it is through those two forums that official announcements are made), and read posts made to those forums. Further, if I subscribe to the Registry, I must also subscribe to the Registry Announcements forum and read the posts there for the same reasons.

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