The delegation of responsibility can allow for growth
if it's done right.

Compare the cost of an employee: health benefits, disability insurance, vacation pay, hiring and replacement cost, retirement contributions, downtime for bathroom and coffee breaks, training and development, coaching and mentoring, taxes, unemployment contributions get the picture.

With a VA, you pay for the time that person focuses on you and your business, usually billed in 10-15 minute increments. The skill level and commitment of the VA enables them to get your work done faster and smarter. Whether it's managing your administrative details, organizing the chaos, taming the operational headaches, or helping you to think outside the box--we're a partner for your success.

We use the best technology to provide you a collaborative workplace. Our client portal keeps us connected - unbounded by time and space.

My clients have come to appreciate high quality service complimented by an online client service portal.

Shortly after becoming a client and completing your profile, you will receive login information for your client service portal. With this account, you will have access to a variety of secured online features including:


Every charge on every invoice is available for your review, in an easy-to-read format, online within one business day of occurrence.

No more guesswork on how much your VA bills: we keep you informed and engaged every step of the way. Likewise, a complete record of past invoices are maintained online for your review.

Managing your events just got easier. Once you allow us to handle event management for you, you are granted access to the back end reporting features (registration, payment, confirmation and management of all aspects of the event gets streamlined with our tool). Your customers see the front end – a fully branded website for each event or we can build a portal to manage multiple events.

It's not always easy to keep track of what has been done, is being done, and what's still open. A complete history of past and current projects - including deadline/delivery dates, milestone management and status reports - is available for your review at the click of a mouse button. You'll also receive email alerts when new items are added, changed, uploaded or deleted. We maintain an "open book" for your comfort level and convenience.

Every deliverable document you receive from me during the course of our project - drafts, reports, analysis notes, etc. is stored within your client portal and is available for download or online reference.

Stop digging through your email mailbox, through papers on your desk or in your briefcase, trying to dig up something we discussed or worked on: just log in and download the file again. It's all available.

Wish you could get your entire creative team into a single room, even though they're in different places?

Every client is reserved a private online discussion forum, with access available for your team members of choice. A safe and secure communication and coordination tool - and often much more effective than email.

I am constantly working to create a more efficient, productive and trustworthy working environment for my clients. We can customize any solution to fit your needs.

Online or offiline, you and your work is my focus.

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